Customer obsession

You have our undivided attention. Our teams are dedicated to serving all our students. We continuously listen to feedback and adapt our offer to what fits  individual needs. We listen carefully and act efficiently.

We are here to serve. Closely working with our schools we have built strong relationships and we have become a part of their family. This is the only way Food Stories knows and wants to operate. We work alongside each of our schools and assist wherever we can to be a part of the student journey.

Your ethos are ours. At Food Stories we genuinely understand the school ethos and we combine them with ours to make one partnered effort in achieving outstanding results for all our schools.


Be the best

there is

We are very self-critical. At Food Stories we continuously monitor our consistency and it is how we have learned to adapt quickly in our ever changing environment. We truly believe that everything we do now, must result in something better for our future generations.

What’s next? At Food Stories we ask ourselves this question daily. We acknowledge that being good at something requires continuous effort towards making our products and services better than ever before. We do not settle on what is good now but constantly challenge ourselves to invent new solutions which would help us deliver the well being of our students and develop long lasting relationship with our clients.

Do it for the right reasons

Happy Circle

At Food Stories we fully understand the value of good nutrition along with great flavours that students enjoy. We are committed towards sourcing sustainable products and partner with local suppliers who share the same ethos to provide fresh, nutritious and sustainable meals to our students.

Giving backWe continuously look at different ways to engage further with our local communities. We believe that being in a position of giving back is the only way to truly feel successful. We work with local charities and foundations, partnering with school initiatives and wherever we think we could be of assistance.

Nurturing our planet. We feel responsible for our part in protecting the environment that is sustainable for our future generations. We also believe that the time to act is now. This is why we are committed to finding solutions to completely eradicate single use plastic and minimise food waste. We also work in partnership with our schools to recycle, grow your own food and educate students to keep them engaged and participating.

Invest in people. At Food Stories we acknowledge that our success is through the hard work and dedication of our team. We employ only those who have the same mindset to deliver the best for our students and in return we treat all our employees as part of our family. We continuously look at ways to develop them further through higher qualifications and internal training.  We keep a flow of constant feedback where we consider all options to make them feel valued. We believe that our engaged employees would ultimately help us achieve our main goal of serving our students in a way that adds value to their student years.