We believe that good ingredients produces great food, hence we only believe in sourcing only the finest ingredients from leading local suppliers. We genuinely care about what goes into the food we create. It’s always freshly prepared and packed with nutritious ingredients.


We take our responsibility towards nutrition seriously, and understand the impact a healthy diet has on these important years of development. To offer a truly bespoke service, creativity must come first. Our chefs have the freedom to create vibrant menus of both classic and innovative dishes as well as authentic international cuisines. We are always mindful about the sustainable ways in which we source and prepare these meals. Chefs are able to nurture relationships with suppliers local to their schools to source the best seasonal produce in a sustainable way, while having the support of our specialist teams.

We understand what mealtimes mean to pupils. We want them to feel at home when they eat with us, from the delicious aromas in the kitchen to the friendly service they receive every day. Through food, we are proud to be a part of their education.

Roasted Vegetables

At Food Stories, we understand the value of good nutrition and hence all our meals are carefully created to ensure they are full of natural goodness. We have partnered with a registered nutritionist to support our chefs with the development of menus. 

Food Stories also support schools in delivering nutrition education through interactive lessons and cookery classes. Our aim is to instil this positive culture in the early years which would help our future generations.





Food Stories have partnered with JJ Foods and a network of local suppliers who share the same values of providing a sustainable future to our next generation. 

With our strong relationships with suppliers, we source only the best seasonal products and we continuously monitor the practices involved to ensure we meet our commitment. 




Trees From Above


Food Stories has committed to the process of eliminating all single use plastics within it's operations. We have devised creative ideas that allows options for minimum use of packaging and where possible, all packaging would either be recyclable or bio degradable. 


We partner with local councils with various recycling projects and we work closely with school initiatives to educate our young minds for a better, sustainable planet for our future generations.